Midway Food Park

Went to the Midway Food Park yesterday! My mom had a Rhode Island lobster roll from Dock n Roll, which she loved. It was a little pricey, but that’s always to be expected with seafood. She ate the whole thing and didn’t complain about the price, so it must have been worth it. I also had seafood: deep fried crab rolls from Tiger Lily. In my opinion, the crab rolls were a little too crunchy, but still tasty enough for me to clear my plate. I didn’t order any drinks from Tiger Lily, but their menu looked wonderful. They mix several things with Ghirardelli chocolate, like chocolate milk and their mocha. Ugh, I should have got a mocha. Instead, I got a green tea with lime juice from Bob and Mike’s Chicken. The lime really added a unique flavor to your usual green tea. I should have asked if it was sweetened ahead of time, though; I’m not a huge fan of sweetened drinks.

I really liked all the vintage looking signs and lights. All the paintings were in great shape, so although it’s a little ‘dusty’ it’s certainly not run down. There is one huge tree and in it are suspended several carousel horses. Super weird and I super loved it.

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