P. Terry’s Burger Stand

In California, I knew exactly where to go for a burger – In-n-Out Burger. Done. While there is an In-n-Out in Austin, I was open to trying new things. I decided to try P.Terry’s and was not disappointed. In fact, with their thin cut potato fries, thin patties,”special sauce” (which tasted surprisingly like Thousand Island Dressing) and shakes, I couldn’t help but think… this is very familiar. Basically, P.Terry’s is In-n-Out Burger and vice versa. I’m not complaining – I love In-n-Out! And therefore loved P.Terry’s. I wonder who has been around longer? If you know which came first (or know of any differences between In-n-Out and P.Terry’s I’m missing), comment below!

Update: Since writing this post, I’ve decided I like In-n-Out better for one reason – their fries. P. Terry’s french fries are a little too oily, brown, and soggy for me. Tasty, yes, but I prefer a little crispier fry.

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P. Terry’s Burger Stand

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