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We’re branching out today and exploring Georgetown! It’s a cute little city just north of Austin. My family and I went to walk some trails at San Gabriel Park and, as we usually do, had lunch afterwards.

We ate at the Monument Cafe. It’s a cute diner that serves breakfast all day long. My kind of place! Immediately upon arriving, I came across several things I liked. They have a large, free parking lot, first of all. When we walked in, they were very busy, but said the wait was about 15 minutes. Then, they took my phone number to text me when our table was ready. I thought that was pretty cool! Even better, I could download an app (on their free wifi) to check our place in line. I found this very useful because I’m the kind of person who thinks, “We should definitely be next, I can’t believe those people went before us!” At Monument Cafe, I can just consult the app, instead of bombarding the staff like I usually do. But, I didn’t even get a chance to download the app! Our 15 minute wait time turned out to be more like 5 minutes.

The service was quick and they always had my coffee cup filled. I have a thing with drinks – they should always be full! I basically base my tipping on how attentive the waiter was to my drink. After we sat down, we received a basket of biscuits! Free biscuits! How cool is that?

I ordered a waffle with creme brûlée bananas. It was delicious and dessert-like. As most diners are, the food was very affordable. I certainly enjoyed my trip.

I’m not the only one who likes the Monument Cafe. They were featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!

The city of Georgetown is somewhere I need to explore more. It has an old, cute downtown filled with mom and pop antique stores. Are you familiar with Georgetown? What do I need to see on my next trip?

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