Brian and I went to check out the Pinball Arcade, “Pinballz.” We had a surprisingly fun time! Their space is certainly less about comfort and style and all about the games. The arcade seems to be located in a office building and is a little cramped and warm inside. However, once you start playing, you don’t even care.

I feel like it’s hard to find inexpensive fun in Austin (or any major city). Even seemingly cheap fun requires parking fees or a bunch of little fees that add up. Even just going to the movies is expensive now (especially when you’re tempted by the tasty food and drinks at the Alamo Drafthouse.)

That’s probably my favorite thing about Pinballz – it’s totally affordable fun. There is no entrance fee and parking is free. Most of the pinball games cost 75 cents per play (3 balls), while some are only 50 cents. If you’re there with others, you can watch them play too, and that’s free! Also, if you’re paying attention, you might find a ball sitting ready to go in a machine someone abandoned. The more you play, the better you will get, so that extends the amount of playtime you can get for your money.

Over all, we spent $8 and played for probably an hour and a half. Where else can you get a deal that great!? Really, I want to know. Comment below if you have some inexpensive fun things you like to do in Austin.

Also, if you have an Austin Passbook, you can take advantage of the “Spend $10, get $10 in tokens free” deal! *Deal is available with the Passbook through October 1st, 2015.

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