Burro Cheese Kitchen

I first visited Burro Cheese when I was exploring Austin using the Austin Passbook.The booklet costs $20 ($15 if you buy it early!). If you want to learn more, or purchase your own, visit their website. Be sure to follow them on social media too: @austinpassbook. The next passbook starts on May 1st, 2016. I’m definitely going to buy it again this year.

The book had a great deal: Buy one grilled cheese and a side, get one grilled cheese and a side free. Brian and I both and the Via 206 – a sourdough grilled cheese with cheddar, gouda and a balsamic apricot fig spread. Pretty tasty! And they grill it with a blow torch-like device, which is kind of fun. For sides, Brian had a fruit cup and I had a cucumber salad. The cucumber salad would have been great, tomatoes and cucumber slices, but it was drenched in too much vinegar and was too tart for me to eat. But the grilled cheese was great. Brian and I had two full sized grilled cheese sandwiches, two sides, and a Maine Root root beer for $13 plus tip.

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Burro Cheese Kitchen

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