The Cheesecake Experience

I first visited The Cheesecake Experience when I was exploring Austin using the Austin Passbook.The booklet costs $20 ($15 if you buy it early!). If you want to learn more, or purchase your own, visit their website. Be sure to follow them on social media too: @austinpassbook. The next passbook starts on May 1st, 2016. I’m definitely going to buy it again this year.

The deal for The Cheesecake Experience was buy one cheesecake, get one free. Cheesecake is probably my favorite dessert and I was NOT disappointed! We got two chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecakes, one original, and one chocolate. All delicious!

They’re located in the Midway Food Park off 360. Want to learn more about the Midway Food Park? Check out the blog I did on it.

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