Thai-Kun and Coffee

East Side King’s brick and mortar restaurant, Thai-Kun has finally opened at Rock Rose at the Domain. I got the Kao Man Gai, which is steamed chicken thigh, rice, and fermented soybean sauce. I won’t lie, when I got my plate, it looked a little bland. I mean, steamed chicken and white rice… I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. However, the soybean sauce really took it up a notch. You’re supposed to pour the sauce over everything and mix it all up. Once I did that, the chicken and rice was SO flavorful. It took me by surprise how delicious it was! The meal was kind of spicy (and didn’t even have a little spicy-ness indicator on the menu). Luckily, I enjoy spicy foods, so I wasn’t bothered. If you cannot handle spicy foods at all, I’d talk to the waiter before ordering to see if you can get it modified somehow.

Also, they serve Maine Root line of soft drinks. So some people, this reason enough to visit 🙂

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After lunch, Brian and I headed down the street (a few storefronts) to Two Hands Coffee. This is a great new coffee shop! They encourage you to linger and hang out, offering free wifi and ceramic cups. I love shops that offer coffee in a ceramic cup if I plan on staying a while to work. It just tastes better, if you ask me. I got a chai tea latte. I’m very picky about my chia teas! I want it spicy and not too sweet. This one definitely hit the spot – very spicy with little sweetness. I’ll for sure be returning to get some lesson planning done once the school year starts.

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