MOD Pizza

Let the takeover of the create-your-own wood-fired personal pizza continue! I’ve already talked about how much I love Blaze Pizza. MOD Pizza, while nearly identical, with a few noticeable differences which I believe place it above Blaze.

One, I like the pizza dough at MOD better. It more closely resembles indian naan, which I love.

Two, their tea selection is incredible. They have a caramelized pear black tea. It tastes the way decorative Christmas pine cones smell. Absolute heaven. I would go into MOD just for a drink.

Three, they offer a great salad selection. You can get salad greens and then make them up just like you would make up a pizza- with whatever meat, veggies, and cheese you want.

Four, they make milkshakes! I didn’t try an milkshake this time, but they exist.

Overall, I love pizza chains like this. It’s perfect for when I’m by myself and need a good meal. And if I can get amazing tea, salad, and a milkshake with my pizza, even better.

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