Shoal Creek

Last weekend, Brian and I took our mountain bikes to Shoal Creek. We’d never ridden this trail before and weren’t exactly sure where it when or what it looked like. We started around 38th street and followed the signs south towards Town Lake. There is a lot of work being done along the Shoal Creek trail! While some of it wasn’t super pretty to look at (detour signs and orange construction cones) I can certainly appreciate the amount of restoration being done by the city.

Having to cross the main street a couple of times, we finally made it down to 5th street. At 5th street, however, it was blocked. I assume there is more work being done. We didn’t want to go up to the busy street, so we decided to make our way back.

It was super hot by the time we finished, so we quickly ran through the Pease Park splash pad. After a few stops for scenic photos, we finished our out-and-back Shoal Creek ride at just under 8 miles.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 8.33.49 AM

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