Austin to Denver Road Trip

Brian and I (along with my family) just got back from Colorado! We managed to do SO many things in the short week that we spent there. It has taken me days just to sort through all of my photos!

We decided to drive 14ish hours there over two days. We made a pit stop in Abilene to drop off our puppy, Winnie. In Abilene we had a delicious lunch from SzeChuan Chinese Restaurant. It has been so long since I’ve had good Chinese. I was immediately sad that this restaurant doesn’t have a location in Austin. Our fortune cookies read, “You will travel to many exotic places over the next few years” and “Your present plans will be successful.” We have traveled quite a bit this year – Seattle, New Orleans, and now Denver – and our plans WERE successful! We had an amazing trip.

On the road through west Texas, I was reminded of all my industrial Bakersfield, CA photos. I loved this AGRI PRODUCES GRAIN CORPS building.

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Finally, we spent the night in Amarillo, TX. We were staying at a Courtyard Marriott, so I wasn’t expecting anything incredible. Then we pulled up to this! Turns out the building is part of the historic downtown preservation. It was the coolest looking building with amazing doors. We also enjoyed a delicious breakfast at their cafe. I had a huge cup of oatmeal and a Starbucks coffee. I’ll always choose hotels with a free breakfast over hotels with a paid breakfast (when I can), but this breakfast was pretty tasty.

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SzeChuan Chinese Restaurant (Abilene)

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