ATX Ice Cream Crawl

I am constantly bookmarking places on Yelp that I want to try around Austin. I am definitely adding places faster than I am visiting them! To help with this, I decided to do an “Ice Cream Crawl” to knock off a few of the ice cream places I’ve been wanting to try around town. I recruited my brother, Ryan, to go with me.

The rules of the first ATX Ice Cream Crawl were as follows:
1. Find ice cream places
2. Take cool pictures and use #ATXIceCreamCrawl
3. Eat the ice cream

We began in Hyde Park with Teo Gelato – what great start! This gelato has won awards all around to world. I had the coconut nutella. This place definitely lives up to its hype.

Next, we continued through Hyde Park to Dolce Vita. Less expensive than Teo Gelato, which was a plus. I got espresso and Ryan got sangria. Dolce Vita is in an awesome location, just off 43rd and Duval St. It sits next to Quacks Bakery, Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, and a few other brunch/cafes. There’s a very large parking lot, so you can park and visit all the Hype Park hot spots that speckle the intersection.

Next, we continued east to Airport Blvd. to check out Sweet Ritual’s new shop! As always, I got chocolate chai. It is so spicy and amazing. Ryan got vanilla chai.

Our fourth stop was at the very unique Spun on east 7th. Spun makes ice cream using liquid nitrogen! It was pretty cool to watch. When ice cream is made this way, the ice crystals are smaller, therefore the ice cream is smoother. Both Ryan and I were amazed by the smoothness. It makes this ice cream better (in my opinion) than most of the places out there. However, it was the most expensive stop of our crawl.

To finish our crawl, we moved a few blocks west on east 7th to Gemelli’s. Ryan and I shared peach bourbon gelato. Gemelli’s is by far the fanciest location. It has ceramic bowls, glass water glasses, and golden metal spoons.

Ryan and I had a blast on our #ATXIceCreamCrawl. It has me wanting to do another one already! I have so many places on my list. I’ve also been thinking about other things – What if we did a french fry crawl? Or a cookie crawl? Or an espresso crawl? Or maybe we focus on a neighborhood, or a street. Eat appetizers along 2nd St. Hit all the hip places in the Muller development. Tour of South Lamar! I’m open to any suggestions.

Author: Kelly

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