Denver Zoo

The Phillips family loves a good zoo and/or aquarium! The Denver Zoo was very impressive. It was mulch larger than expected (definitely plan for a full day here) and has a very extensive reptile house.

One thing the Denver Zoo does is rotate their animals through different exhibit spaces. So the wild horses, lions, and hyenas rotate among three spaces. I’ve never heard of a zoo doing that, but I thought it was so smart! That way there’s always something new – new smells, new landscape.

Their monkey exhibits are very innovative as well. There is Monkey Island – an island that is packed with trees – where the monkeys roam. There is no fence around the island or over the top. Just trees. Then there are several smaller enclosures that are open on the top. The smaller enclosures are connected with ropes so the monkeys can freely climb from space to space. It was very open and offered a great deal of choice for the monkeys.

The only downer to our visit was that it was extremely hot. I’m from central California and now live in Texas, so I know hot! So take the weather into consideration before you visit (or just stay in their huge reptile house).

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Denver Zoo

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