Quack’s Bakery

I visited Quack’s Bakery for the first time during my #ATXIceCreamCrawl with Ryan. I’d heard of it through various social media outlets, but had never made the time to visit until just a few weeks ago. Let me tell you – I wish I had gone sooner.

Quack’s is located at 43rd and Duval, in the heart of Hyde Park (one of my favorite ATX neighborhoods). A few things to know about Quack’s:

  1. There is a huge, free parking lot!
  2. It’s surrounded by a bunch of other cool stuff – Dolce Vita, Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, Mother’s Cafe, Hyde Park Bar & Grill, Trattoria, and more.
  3. They have a large sitting room with free wifi.
  4. Everyday after 6:30pm is pastry happy hour!
  5. They have everything from awesomely decorated sugar cookies (designs changing regularly) to brownies and cupcakes and coffee and breakfast pastries…

They also make cakes! My family had this chocolate chocolate chocolate cake made for my birthday recently. It was SO delicious. The 6 inch, three layer cake was $18. A steal, if you ask me.

Author: Kelly

Kelly Phillips is the writer and photographer behind DiscoveringATX.com. You can view more of her photos on Instagram @DiscoveringATX and her photography portfolio at kphilphoto.com.

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