Jack & Ginger’s

Continuing my exploration of Rock Rose, my family and I ate at Jack & Ginger’s. It’s a really cool Irish bar (side note – it reminds me of Lucky Baldwin’s in Pasadena, if any of my Pasadena people are reading 🙂 ). They have plenty of beers to choose from, along with great bar food. I got a pretty impressive chicken sandwich topped with some kind of salty, delicious prosciutto. The fries were waffle cut (win) and were a mix of sweet potato and regular.

Also, Jack & Ginger’s has the most interesting beer storage I’ve ever seen in a restaurant. You can look down into their keg storage that’s lit up with awesome lights.

If you want to see more of Rock Rose, check out General Tso’Boy, Thai Kun, and Apanas Coffee (formerly Two Hands Coffee).

Author: Kelly

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