Coffeehouse Explorations

I’m updating my #CoffeehouseExplorations with a few new features (and some old)!

First, Flightpath Coffee. It’s in the Hyde Park neighborhood, which I absolutely love. While you’re in the neighborhood, hit up JuicelandQuacks Bakery, and snag some gelato from Teo Gelato or Dolce Vita.

Flightpath has, in my opinion, the BEST chai tea latte in Austin. I said it. If you want to challenge me, go ahead, but I think you’d have a hard time finding a better version of the drink. Their prices are super affordable (I got this MASSIVE 20oz drink for $3 and some change). The latte is the perfect amount of spicy (very) and sweet (not very). It’s just delicious. There’s also plenty of space to work outside on their covered patio.

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Another amazing place to grab a drink is Cuppa Austin. Don’t be deterred by it’s general, suburban strip mall appearance – this place is worth your time. The variety of drinks they offer is what makes this SUCH an impressive place. They have everything from regular espresso drinks, to fancy, snickerdoodle, white chocolate mochas, to bubble tea (!), to Italian sodas, to thai tea, to all fruit smoothies, to hot teas… the list goes on and on. I got a matcha chai tea latte. Yes, the delicious flavor of matcha mixed into a chai tea latte. It was amazing. They have a ton of space to work inside and nearly every spot has a plug. If you live in north Austin, this should be your go to – it’s mine!

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Next, I was killing time downtown and went to work at Halcyon on 4th street. They’re a bit expensive for just your regular coffee menu, but they have a super comfy, pillow filled seating area. Definitely a good place to get some work done if you need to kill some time downtown.

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No need to go into my extreme love of Mozart’s here. I already gushed about it here. I’ve been a few times in the last few weeks and wanted to add one of my new favorite photos of the place.

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If you’re in the Rock Rose area, Apanas Coffee is an excellent place to work. They have delicious coffees – I recommend the hazelnut latte – and plenty of cozy seating. There is lots of light and it’s pretty quite. Perfect for a productive afternoon. I visited Apanas Coffee back when it was still Two Hands Coffee.

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Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

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