Wrapping up the ATX Holiday Season.

Wouldn’t be Christmas in Austin without visiting the Trail of Lights! We did the zip pass again this year, which got us a great parking pass and access to the trail at 6pm, instead of the regular 7pm. This way, we were able to eat at the food trucks, walk around, and ride the ferris wheel before the huge crowds arrived. Totally worth the extra money, if you ask me.

I’m a sucker for ferris wheels. If there’s a ferris wheel, I must ride it. This is one of my favorites. The views of downtown and the entire trail of lights is just incredible. We also went on a night that was 70 degrees, so it wasn’t even cold at the top.

I had three food goals on the trail: 1. eat a Moojo ice cream sandwich 2. eat a churro truck churro, and 3. drink hot chocolate. I managed to accomplish all three 🙂 Here’s to crushing #foodgoals and not starting the weight loss resolution until the 1st!

On the night before Christmas Eve, my family and I went around Cedar Park and checked out two highly decorated cul-du-sacs. One was at Annie Court, the other was at Chinati Court. While Annie Court had an impressive, synced light display, Chinati Court was unlike anything I’d ever seen in a neighborhood. Lights were strung across the street, connecting all the houses. Each house had their own impressive light display with one of the Night Before Christmas verses printed outside. They were giving away free hot cocoa, had SANTA there to take pictures, and even had a model train traveling through a Christmas village.

This is actually a house right down the street from us!

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