South Padre Island Escape

With summer break so, so close, I’m reminded of a weekend getaway Brian and I took last fall. Brian’s family owns a condo at The Tiki on South Padre Island. We left right after school and drove the 6 hours from Austin all the way to SPI. We spent all of Saturday then drove back Sunday afternoon. Lots of driving, but totally worth it. The beach and condo were beautiful!

We spent a lot of time admiring the ocean, trying to tan, and collecting sea shells.

Eventually, we walked down to “Wanna Wanna” bar to get some delicious frozen drinks. I’m not totally sure what they were… but they had rum drizzled on the top! While walking to “Wanna Wanna” we found a shipwrecked boat. No, really…

After some walking and drinking, we went across the street to Sea Turtle, Inc. It’s a really cool little place that rehabilitates sea turtles.

Saturday night, we went to a local restaurant for dinner on the water. The restaurant had beautiful views as the sun was setting.

Before leaving on Sunday, we ran around one more time on the beach. It was super sunny and the water was sparkling beautifully.

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