ATX Ice Cream Crawl (2nd Annual)

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A few days ago, Ryan and I went out for the 2nd Annual ATX Ice Cream Crawl. It was a super solid day.

We started at Cow Tipping Creamery. Super strong start. They serve some incredible soft serve with a TON of mix ins. I was impressed with how much brownie, cookie, and fudge they could fit into my kiddie sized ice cream. I got the “Death by Chocolate” and Ryan got the “High Tea.” The High Tea has lemon and vanilla.

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Next, we went up the street to Venezia Italian Gelato. I’d really been wanting their donut shaped gelato. They look so cute! I got the Instagram shot that I wanted, and the dessert was indeed cute, but the overall flavor wasn’t super impressive. Still good, but nothing to write home about.

After Venezia, we went to Dolce Neve. Located in a cute little house on South First, I felt like this was the most authentic gelato we tasted. They had a bunch of unique flavors like goat cheese blueberry and watermelon. It was all so fresh and flavorful. We went with matcha. It’s hard for me to pass up green tea flavored anything. It was absolutely delicious! Almost powdery tasting. If you eat much matcha ice cream, you know that’s a good thing. Also, they had a bunch of succulents in their shop, which was a plus for me.

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From Dolce Neve, we walked down South First to Tasty Spoon. This is a new gelato/coffee shop that opened just a few months ago. They have an adorable little mural out back:

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Here, Ryan and I had some affogatos. I’d never even heard of these until lately. It seems like everyone in Austin is suddenly drinking affogatos! I had to try it. We mixed our espresso with honey lavender gelato. This was definitely the best thing we ate on our crawl. The espresso was so smooth and the gelato tasted just like lavender smells. It was phenomenal. Plus, their tables had little terrariums on them. Bonus points.

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Finally, we drove up towards UT to visit the Cold Cookie Co. food truck. While I really wanted to try one of their “unshakes,” we were pretty full from our 4 previous ice creams. We decided to share an ice cream sandwich. The peanut butter cookie was super delicious.

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Let me know what your favorite ice cream place is! I’m always looking for new places to go.



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