Coffeehouse Explorations (ed. 2)

The following blog is one of many in a set called #CoffeeHouseExplorations.  Click the hashtag to see them all. I’m a teacher and I don’t like doing school work at home. I need home to just be for home. Since my KIPP campus is way out in east Austin, I pass by SO many cool places on my way home. I’m exploring them one at a time.

Let me first say, I will most definitely be going back to Fleet Coffee. I totally forgot they are the shop with the “After School Ritual,” which is steamed oreo infused milk, espresso, and oreo cookie. I’m kicking myself! I did get a chai tea latte that was pretty delicious. I personally like a spicy chai, less sweet. This chai was a little sweet for my taste, but still good.

The look of the shop itself is very unique. The barista told me Fleet used to be part of the larger building it was attached to. The developers just cut the one big building into a bunch of smaller spaces and now Fleet Coffee takes up the small, corner space. The whole shop can comfortably hold… 5-6 people? It’s very small, but very hip.

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