Downtown D.C., Georgetown, and Beyond

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Day two starts at Washington Harbor with a boat tour by National River Tours. My family and I were literally the only people on tour. It was pretty awesome. I just walked around the boat so that I could always get the best possible photo. We saw the Watergate Hotel, some pretty awesome bridges, the Jefferson, Washington, and Lincoln memorials (from very far), the Watergate Hotel, and the Pentagon.



After the tour, we walked the streets of Georgetown. What an adorable (and I have to imagine, extraordinarily expensive) city! I had a field day snapping photos.


We stopped for lunch at Clyde’s. I really liked their window outside and their fancy water pitcher.



On our walk to Foggy Bottom, we stopped for some bubble tea at Snap.

We got back on the metro and headed to Capitol Hill.


I’d actually never seen the Capitol building before! We also checked out the Supreme Court building and Ryan’s new place of employment – the Library of Congress.


Our last stop before heading back was District Doughnuts. They have pumpkin spiced filled creme brûlée doughnuts. The guy took a blow touch to them! Unexpected. I was true to myself and got the chocolate doughnut.

I spent the rest of the evening sorting and editing photos. With over 13 miles clocked, 658 photos, and two days full of excellent food, I’d say D.C. was a success. I’m on the plane now, thinking about how I have school tomorrow… but that’s ok! My next trip is already planned – HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS for Thanksgiving break. You know, sometimes I feel like I have the hardest job in the world, but teaching allows me to travel. It’s not all bad 🙂

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