Coffeehouse Explorations (ed. 5)

The following blog is one of many in a set called #CoffeeHouseExplorations.  Click the hashtag to see them all. I’m a teacher and I don’t like doing school work at home. I need home to just be for home. Since my KIPP campus is way out in east Austin, I pass by SO many cool places on my way home. I’m exploring them one at a time.

Mueller is where it’s at! It seems like every time I see some new place on Instagram, it’s always “now open at Mueller.” The other night, I went to the new Mueller Halcyon location. I’ve been to Halcyon before, but only their coffee shop downtown. The Mueller Halcyon serves food and has a pretty extensive brunch menu, in addition to their delicious coffees.

Their space is pretty large! It’s bright and airy, lit from all sides with huge windows. They have a very clean, modern interior with little pops of color and plants here and there. Basically, it’s an Instagramer’s paradise.

I ordered a chai tea latte and let me tell you – it was absolutely delicious. Before I even took a sip, I knew it was going to be good because of the smell. The spices were so strong! It wasn’t overly sweet either, which is another win in my book.

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