The Open Road

Winter break has been off to a delightful start. My family and I went downtown to the Blanton to see their latest photography exhibit, “The Open Road.”

The Open Road explores the photographic road trip as a genre and America as an imaginative resource, presenting the stories of photographers for whom the American road was muse. More than 100 images spanning the 1950s to today suggest how photographers have discovered in the specific details of America’s vastness a means to reflect on place, time, and self.

I especially loved the exhibit because it reminded me of my college photography thesis “Life as it Should Be,” where I photographed my hometown, Bakersfield, California, over 1000 times. My project lives here online, if you want to know more about it. To this day, I am immensely proud of it.

In that project, I noted inspiration from photography greats such as Robert Frank and Lee Friedlander, so it was pretty awesome to see some of their work at the Blanton.

Also, the Blanton is FREE for K-12 teachers! Score!

If you have some time downtown this winter, I highly recommend going to see “The Open Road” at the Blanton. It’s on display until January 7th.

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