Austin Eats Round-Up (ed. 9)

I often photograph my food, but sometimes I don’t have enough photos or content to make individual posts. So here’s the round-up of my latest Austin eats. In the last month or so, I’ve been to a couple of particularly cool places. Links to all the locations are included in the post. Previous editions can be found here: Austin Eats Round-Up

The Holla Mode Thai ice cream truck is one I have always wanted to try. The truck featured here is off of Barton Springs Road, walking distance to Shady Grove. The ice cream was absolutely delicious. I loved it! It takes a little while to make, though, because the process is much more than just scooping ice cream out of a frozen bin. They first blend the ice cream base (dairy or coconut milk), then add flavoring (sweet cream, vanilla bean, cocoa, green tea, almond butter, or coffee), then add any mix-ins you would like, plus they drizzle the top with things like fudge, sprinkles, or whipped cream. The liquid is poured onto a frozen slab, and then when the liquid is frozen, it’s rolled up and put neatly into a cup. So if there were other groups in line ahead of you, you’d be waiting for a bit.

Bao’d Up has the best bubble tea in town (in my opinion)! They have a create-your-own bubble tea menu which I LOVE. I hate sweet drinks, so I don’t like any added sugar with my bubble tea. When it’s something already premade, it feels like more of a hassle for me to request no added sugar. Bao’d Up lets you chose you a base (milk or fruit tea), then you add tea, extra flavoring, sugar, and whatever other add-ins you want. I got milk with green tea, almond flavoring, no extra sugar, and tapioca balls. It was SO GOOD. I’ve seriously been thinking every single day about going back there. They also serve Bar, which are like little steam buns stuffed with goodness. They have some sweet and some savory. I got the sweet potato bao. Bao’d Up is located at Mueller (like everything else!).

Upper Crust Bakery is a cute little bakery in the Rosedale neighborhood just north of downtown. By the time we went, there was pretty slim pickings… I think they’re a pretty popular spot, but you have to be willing to go early! Their cakes are pretty delicious as well. I saw several people pick up cake orders while we were hanging out. My brother got a slice of carrot cake and he was not disappointed.

No need to express my love for Kura Sushi again (I’ve already done so here and here)! These are my latest pictures. Our newest little 15 plate prize was a button! It said “Happy Halloween” in December but still cool 🙂

Machine Head Coffee has a spot inside of Veracruz tacos. I’m going to do a whole post on Veracruz tacos (spoiler – it’s amazing!!) but I’ll first focus on Machine Head Coffee. Their set up is pretty sweet, with neon lights and corrugated iron walls and ceiling. The coffee was subpar – my black coffee was super bitter. I actually didn’t even drink it all. But my coffee cup still made for some great photos.

Vicecreme is a vegan ice cream shop located on Lake Travis at the Oasis complex. Not only do they have tasty ice cream, but if you head up a few stairs, they have a pretty good view too.

Thanks for reading! I’m always looking for new places to visit! If you know of a really cool spot in Austin that I haven’t featured already, hit me up on Instagram @discoveringATX!

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