DK Maria’s Tex-Mex

If you’re on the south side this weekend, avoiding the downtown SXSW chaos, check out DK Maria’s Legendary Tex-Mex. Located at Slaughter Lane and Manchaca Road, the restaurant is “inspired by DK Maria, a strong woman with rich heritage and a spicy life to bring guests legendary family recipes.”

They have all the the Tex-Mex staples – enchiladas [their brisket enchiladas are legendary!] tacos, margaritas, queso, etc. However, where DK Maria’s really shines is in their menu’s diversity. Grilled or fried, boneless quail, menudo, ceviche, grilled fish, carne guisada, and chorizo sopes really round out a pretty extensive menu! They also have a breakfast menu which includes good ol’ fashion pancakes, served until 3pm.

Let me finish by talking about two of my favorite things – shrimp cocktails and tortillas. Shrimp cocktails are delicious and I order them everywhere I can! DK Maria’s has a HUGE shrimp cocktail. When I go back, I’ll probably just get the shrimp cocktail as my meal. I’m also pretty picky about tortillas. I have set a pretty high bar for how tortillas should taste and DK Marias’ passed the test! Handmade every day, I highly recommend tortillas with whatever your meal is, even if you just scoop some queso into them (which is what I did.)

So if you’re looking for a new Tex-Mex spot and are interested in trying some new, unique dishes, I highly recommend DK Maria’s.

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