Yoshi Ramen

The ramen craving hit again, as it does every few days or so, so I decided to try he new Yoshi Ramen. I ordered the tonkotsu shoyu (chicken broth, shoyu tare, chashu, ajitama, menma, negi, roasted tomatoes and nori) but here was something in it I wasn’t liking. Something had a kind of charcoal-y flavor to it and it just wasn’t my favorite. Also, the egg wasn’t as soft as I usually like. Still, it was beautifully instagramable next to their wall of windows.

While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the ramen, the boba tea and fried pork bao were absolutely delicious. I got he strawberry milk tea and it was SO tasty. It had actual bits of mashed strawberry and wasn’t overly sweet (which is usually my number one complaint with boba tea). The fried pork bao was also five-stars. It had a cilantro-basil yuzu aioli on it and that is what made the bao.

According to our waitress, Yoshi Ramen was founded in January 2018 by Chef Stacy Chen. The concept is a tribute to Chef Chen’s grandmother, who owned a ramen shop in Osaka in the 1980s.

Paper cranes hang in the windows, all perfectly folded.

Another plus to Yoshi Ramen is that it’s right next to St. David’s hospital. If you’re waiting at the hospital and need a good meal, I highly recommend walking the few steps across a small green space to grab some ramen.

The service was also commendable. Our waitress was super fast, very polite, and knowledgeable. She had he perfect amount of “talk to you, be friendly” to “leave you alone” ratio. She also told us that later this spring, the expect to start serving soft serve. We will be back to try that!

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Yoshi Ramen

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