Austin Eats Round-Up (ed. 11)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Round-Up of where I’ve been. I’m excited to update you on a few old favorites and new finds.

I often photograph my food, but sometimes I don’t have enough photos or content to make individual posts. So here’s the round-up of my latest Austin eats. In the last month or so, I’ve been to a couple of particularly cool places. Links to all the locations are included in the post. Previous editions can be found here: Austin Eats Round-Up

JuicelandI’ve been to Juiceland before, yes, but let me tell you about their bowls. You can take any of their smoothies and turn them into bowls! They add granola, coconut oil, bananas, and goji berries to the top. It really turns their smoothies into meals for me. I’m a huge fan of the “Halle Beary Hallelujah Bowl.” The base is the Honey Berry Smoothie, which is almond milk, banana, blueberry, peanut butter, and local honey. I also usually add rice protein for a little boost.

Salty SowAs we near the end of the school year, it’s Salty Sow happy hour to the rescue. They have $5 eats, $4 beers, and $6 sips. Their $6 cocktails are my favorite. They are all so pretty (Insta-worthy, for sure), fun, and unique. I also love their tacos (I’ve had all three!) and their Brussels sprout leaves.

FaregroundHenbit, Ni-Kome, ContigoFareground deserves their own post, but I haven’t explored it thoroughly enough yet. So far, I’ve done Henbit, Ni-Kome, and Contigo. Ni-Kome has ramen and sushi. I haven’t tried their sushi (it seemed a little expensive…) but I have tried their ramen. It was good, but in a city like Austin, it takes more than “good” ramen to stand out. Henbit has some amazing items on their menu. The lavender matcha latte is a MUST if you’re at Fareground. So are their monster cookies. They are genuinely monster. I couldn’t eat it all in one sitting! Also, their plant wall (as their name would suggest) is a pretty awesome backdrop to your photos. If you’re at Fareground to eat a full meal, I highly recommend Contigo. Their burgers are pretty incredible. They have such a perfect, crispy char around the outside, but are pink and juicy in the middle… yum! If you’ve got a few people to share with, I’d also recommend their crispy fried green beans. Their half grilled chicken and chocolate pecan hand pies are pretty tasty as well. If you do visit Fareground, park at the 111 Congress parking garage off Brazos. It says it’s like, $10 an hour or something crazy, but if you buy something (anything!) from Fareground, you can get your parking validated. I’ve been there for several hours before (at least three) and my parking was still free. Sweet deal, Fareground!

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Michi RamenNow, THIS is some good ramen. I know ramen is good when it makes me “mmmmmmm” out loud as I eat. I got the regular “Michi” (shoyu tonkotsu) and it was SO GOOD. One thing I will say, though, is I happened to get a chunk of shellfish in my broth at the very bottom and that really grossed me out. I wasn’t expecting it and it caught me off guard. They do note that their broth *contains shellfish*, but I don’t think it’s supposed to have chunks of it… Anyway, 99% of that ramen meal was absolutely delicious and I will certainly be back!

Teddy V. PatisserieLet’s talk cookies. These cookies from Teddy V.’s Patisserie are THE chocolate chip cookies. She sells two kids – regular chocolate chip and chocolate chip with walnuts. I don’t really like nuts in my cookies, so I get the regular chocolate chip ones. So simple. So delicious. I took a bunch to my family on Mother’s Day and they were a big hit. Also, Teddy V. Patisserie’s blog is adorable. Her photography is excellent, her writing is funny, and it has pictures of Teddy V. She usually sells cookies at the Lakeline and Mueller Farmers’ Markets, but check her out on Instagram (@TeddyVBlog) to find out exactly where she’ll be.

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Frost Gelato. I’m a big fan of all the things happening in the Domain, Rock Rose, NORTHside development. Frost Gelato is an awesome choice for that after dinner treat. It’s pretty delicious gelato, and very authentic! They import all their ingredients from Italy, except for milk, sugar, and fruit. They also imported all their gelato equipment and display cases directly from Italy! Pretty cool. Their display cases are very impressive – they’re like little art installations! There are coconut shells, flowers, lemons… all kinds of beautiful things arranged in their cases around their gelato.

Thanks for reading! I’m always looking for new places to visit! If you know of a really cool spot in Austin that I haven’t featured already, hit me up on Instagram @discoveringATX!

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