Wrigleyville South Dogs and Beef

Thank you, Wrigleyville South Dogs and Beef, for inviting me out to try your delicious hot dogs! While I did receive some complimentary treats, all opinions are my own.

Wrigleyville South Dogs and Beef is a unique food truck – they sell hot dogs! It seems like an obvious food truck food but I don’t know of another hot dog truck in Austin. Personally, I’m a pretty big hot dog fan, so I was ready to try out this truck.

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A lot of thought went into their name, so I’ll let them explain it:

The Chicago Cubs play at Wrigley Field, in the neighborhood of Wrigleyville, in Chicago. They have their annual Spring Training at Sloan Park in Mesa, Arizona, which has been nicknamed “Wrigleville West.” If there is going to be a Cubs themed food trailer in Austin, Texas, well then, naturally it should be named “Wrigleyville South.”

The connections to Wrigley Field don’t end with their name. Their menu board resembles the Wrigley Field scoreboard. They even have a little flag they update based on how they are doing – W for Win, L for Loss.

The truck is located in the parking lot of the Genie Car Wash on South Lamar. This means that even if you’re not getting your car washed, you can sit at the car wash’s covered patio tables or inside.

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Brian and Teri are the husband and wife team that own and operate Wrigleyville South Dogs & Beef. Again, they have a really great story about how they came about starting their food truck four months ago:

Teri taught middle school social studies for 10 years in Austin, and now is a Special Education Teaching Assistant. Brian had a long career in sales, but was looking for something more… something closer to his heart. One night, while brainstorming the next steps in both of their careers, they zeroed in on life’s shared simple pleasures: Vienna Beef hot dogs and Chicago Cubs baseball. They decided it was time to bring these reminders of their childhood in Chicago to their new home here in Austin.

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I had the pleasure of trying three of their menu items (plus an Italian ice). Their hot dogs are Vienna beef, the hot dog of Chicago, and boy are they good! The Chicago Dog is what you typically think of when you think of a loaded hot dog. It comes with yellow mustard, diced onion, tomato slices, dill pickle spear, bright green sweet relish, sport peppers and celery salt, served on a steamed poppy seed bun.

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Next, I tried their Maxwell Street Polish Sausage. It’s a “hot dog for adults,” Teri said. It’s a jumbo Vienna Beef Polish sausage, topped with grilled onions, yellow mustard and sport peppers, served on a warm, French roll. Those Toronto French rolls are delicious!!! I think the Maxwell was my favorite of the day.

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Finally, I tried their Italian Beef Sandwich. It has tender, thinly sliced roast beef and green bell peppers, cooked in an Italian seasoned gravy, served on one of those delicious French rolls again. Their Italian Beef Sandwich comes with a splash of au jus on the sandwich already, plus, you get a little container of it on the side so you can do some dunking as well. This sandwich also comes in two sizes, 4 oz and, if you’re feeling extra hungry, 7 oz

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I topped all those dogs off with a cold, sweet cherry Italian ice. I haven’t had much Italian ice, so I don’t have much to compare it too. It was pretty much exactly what I expected – sugary and icy. How can you go wrong?

A couple of final remarks – there are so many toppings on their hot dogs and sandwiches, you can barely see the meat inside. They don’t skimp on anything, which is awesome. The Toronto French rolls are DELICIOUS. If you need/want it, they do offer a gluten-free bun for an extra $1. They also offer veggie dogs! I didn’t try them, but if they’re anything like the rest of their menu, I’m sure they’re wonderful.

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Thanks again, Wrigleyville South Dogs & Beef for having me out and hooking me up with a delicious spread of food.

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