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Snap Kitchen has some new meals! Thanks to the Snap Kitchen affiliate program, I was able to try them. While the food was gifted to me for free, all opinions are my own. Interested in more of my thoughts on Snap Kitchen? Check out what I have to say about their 3-day meal plan.

First of all, now that school has started up, I’ve been super grateful for these meals. There were several nights this past week when I thought, I literally have NO food for work tomorrow… WAIT! I have a Snap Kitchen meal! It was pretty great to 1. have my problem immediately solved, 2. solved with NO effort, 3. know that I’d be eating a healthy meal during my hectic day.

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OMG Queso: gluten-free, milk-free, paleo, vegan
I started off with the OMG Queso with a bag of Beanfield’s bean chips. The queso was pretty interesting. It’s made with a sunflower seed base! I gave some to Brian without saying anything and watched him eagerly as he tried it. He just shrugged and kept eating it. That’s a good sign, I’d say! The chunks that you see are red and poblano peppers. Nutritional info160 calories, 4g protein, 2g fiber, 15g total fat, 5g carbohydrates, 1g sugar

And these chips! The Beanfield white bean chips are SO GOOD! I just picked them up because I needed chips to go with the queso, but I was shocked. Packing 4 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per serving, you really can’t go wrong. I will for sure be back for these.

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Grass-fed Beef Taco Bowl: gluten-free
Because it’s in a bowl, this meal is super easy to eat on the go or during a quick working lunch. I like that it has a ton of protein, while still giving me the carbs I crave through healthy sweet potatoes. This was probably my favorite new meal I tried.
Nutritional info: 480 calories, 28g protein, 18g total fat, 55g carbohydrates, 8g total sugars


Grass-fed Beef Enchiladas: Paleo, milk-free, gluten-free
I was super happy to have these on a rainy day. I just plated them up, popped them in the microwave, and bam! Good to go. The tortillas were actually very good. I wasn’t planning on eating the whole thing, I just wanted to try them before they went bad, but I ended up eating the whole plate! Great flavors! If you wanted to kick it up a notch (and your diet allows) I’d probably add some sour cream or cheese. These enchiladas are a good healthy base though. There are a lot of peppers inside with the beef. They don’t make it spicy, just flavorful.
Nutritional info: 380 calories, 24g protein, 5g fiber, 19g total fat, 29g carbohydrates, 7g total sugar

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Other meals I really enjoyed – the turkey chili and the spaghetti and turkey bolognese. Both are very filling meals that don’t taste healthy. I packed some tortilla chips in a bag and ate the chili at lunch one day at school. I looked forward to it all morning! Also, the spaghetti and turkey bolognese was a favorite from the last batch of Snap Kitchen meals I had. Both are solid meals I’d recommend to anyone, whether healthy eating was a priority or not.

Finally, I tried the almond crusted chicken nuggets (paleo, whole30, milk free, gluten-free). They were good, perfect size for an afternoon snack, but they were definitely healthy tasting. I guess I was imagining a more McDonald’s chicken nugget type nugget, and that (obviously) wasn’t what it was. The ranch dipping sauce was delicious though and, in the end, my body was thankful for the healthy, protein-packed snack.
Nutritional info: 240 calories, 25g protein, 2g fiber, 13g total fat, 6g carbohydrates, 1g total sugar (0g added sugar)

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To sum up, the beef taco bowl was my favorite new item that I tried, but the OMG Queso, enchiladas, and chicken nuggets are great items to have in your fridge ready to go. I’m starting to learn which meals I really love, and that makes meal planning even easier (and more exciting!). Finally, now that work has started again and my life is 100x more chaotic and unpredictable, I was VERY happy to have Snap Kitchen in my life.

If you’re ready to try your own Snap Kitchen meal plan, you can get $20 off with promo code “SNP-2482.” If you do try Snap Kitchen, let me know what your favorite meals are!

Enjoy $20 off your first Snap Kitchen meal plan!

This post is sponsored by Snap Kitchen.

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