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Thanks, Kodiak Cakes, for your wonderful package in the mail! I loved baking all your tasty, protein-packed goodies. While I did receive these items for free, all comments and opinions are still my own.

I tried three different products from Kodiak Cakes – the chocolate chip muffins, buttermilk power cakes, and triple chocolate brownies.

Kodiak Cakes has the mission of restoring the real food tradition:

Long ago, a hearty meal was the mainstay of frontier folk from the frigid Yukon to the High Sierra. These rugged explorers relied on real food with a rich source of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber.

Kodiak Cakes® is meant for those of us who, like the rugged old pioneers exploring the untamed wilderness, require nutrition, energy, and great taste to successfully navigate today’s frontier.

Overall, I was super impressed. I’m going to start with my (still delicious, but) least favorite and end with my absolute most favorite. So let’s talk about the brownies first.

These brownies have 8 grams of protein per serving. They’re made with 100% whole grains and ingredients I can understand (no preservatives). I put these as my least favorite of the three only because when I’m eating a brownie, I definitely prefer fudgy over cake-y. These felt a little too dry for me. If a brownie is what I’m going for, I want something that is beyond moist and chocolatey. Kodiak Cakes DOES make a fudge brownie, so maybe I should try that one. I actually found that after a few days, I liked them better. They kind of deflated a bit and felt a little denser (more my style). The flavor was excellent, though, and I would never guess that this is a healthier brownie recipe that packs 8 grams of protein.

Next is the buttermilk flapjacks – my new pancake of choice.

I powered up these pancakes with milk and an egg to get the maximum protein benefit – a whopping 21 grams per serving. Incredible! I was noticeably more full way longer into the day than with my normal pancakes. Like the brownies, they’re made with 100% whole grains, but they honestly do not taste like it! The buttermilk flavor is delicious and they’re super fluffy. This is a pretty easy substitute for me. Kodiak Cakes pancakes offer way more benefits than other basic mixes and they still taste delicious even though they only use 3 grams of brown sugar. I took my pancakes to the next level with chocolate chips and peanut butter. Anyone else put peanut butter on their pancakes?

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Finally, the muffins. OMG the muffins. They are SO tasty and are packed with 15 grams of protein. I’m a teacher and have to go from 6am – 12:15pm without eating a meal. It’s pretty difficult, so I live off little snacks (and High Brew protein coffee!). I can honestly say eating one of these little muffins around 10am made my morning so much better. The muffins are moist, fluffy, flavorful… they taste like dessert! My only small complaint is that the chocolate chips all fell to the bottom, instead of staying evenly distributed throughout the muffin, but it’s basically a non-issue because the dough part is so tasty! These have become a staple in my pantry for sure.

If you haven’t been convinced on Kodiak Cakes yet, every year they donate a portion of their profits to conservation efforts, spearheaded by organizations like Vital Ground. They’re “dedicated to encouraging healthy ecosystems, be it in your kitchen or wherever the frontier still thrives.” If you’re a carb hound like myself, I’d highly recommend Kodiak Cakes. They also have oatmeal, toaster waffles, and a ton of different flavors.


Thanks for the products, Kodiak Cakes! I’m happy to make your products and your mission a part of my kitchen.

Here are the Instagram stories I created for Kodiak Cakes (hence, vertical video). If you like my stories, check out @discoveringATX for more!

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