Celebrating the New Year with RAYS Spirits

I know that with the New Year in sight, I’ve already purged my house of all the Christmas cookies, pies, chocolates, and various other sweet treats that have been piling up. So when it comes to my New Years Eve drinks, I really don’t want to be, once again, pouring artificial sugary crap into my body. Enter – RAYS Spirits!

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Thank you, RAYS Spirits for providing the product for this blog post. 

First of all, RAYS can be easily found at your local H-E-B or Central Market. The key is to look in the “mixers” aisle.

RAYS is made in small batches from distilled grapes. Real lemon and real lime fruit juices are added, giving RAYS the authentic flavor and taste of freshly squeezed lemons and limes. Using only natural, pure cane sugar, RAYS contains no artificial sweeteners, and the color comes from the natural lemon or lime fruit juice – no artificial coloring is added. Finally, because RAYS is made from distilled grapes and real fruit, it is completely gluten-free.

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RAYS is a great thing to have on your bar cart because it is so versatile. It can be used in so many different ways! Right off the top of my head, I came up with a few very simple twists on classic cocktails. Let me also say, I am NOT a bartender. I don’t even mix my own Coke and whiskey because I’m like… how much am I supposed to pour in??? I actually mixed all these drinks ON MY OWN. I feel like RAYS made it way easier to make these cocktails since all I had to do was measure out one ounce at a time.

First of all, you can easily drink RAYS on the rocks, or mix with carbonated water like Topo Chico. It’s 34 proof, or as their website says, “strong like the sun’s RAYS.” If you’re drinking in on the rocks – watch out! Personally, I love it mixed with some Topo Chico.


For a whiskey drink, I chose to modify a whiskey sour. Instead of lemon juice, I added RAYS Lemon. It added the sweetness and the lemon juice that I needed.

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Ingredients: 2 ounces whiskey // 1 ounce RAYS Lemon // 1/2 ounce honey* // Top with a sugared rim, cherry, and orange slice.

The other night, I had a Bees Knees and thought – I bet I could make this with RAYS! I’m a huge honey fan, so it was all the more reason to make a Bees Knees.

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Ingredients: 2 ounces gin // 1 ounce honey* // 1 ounce RAYS Lemon // Top with a lemon wedge

If vodka is more your style, I made a Moscow mule with RAYS Lime.

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Ingredients: 2 ounces vodka // 1/2 cup ginger beer // 1 ounce RAYS Lime // Top with a lime wedge

Finally, my favorite drink of the evening is the hot toddy. With the cold winter weather, this is the drink you need!

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Ingredients: 2 ounces whiskey // 1 ounce RAYS Lemon // 1 ounce honey* // 1 cup hot water brewed with orange spice tea // Top with cinnamon sticks

*Every time I used honey in a recipe, I heated it and mixed it with a bit of water. This way, it was much easier to pour. It became like my own home-made simple sugar mixture.

There you have it! A few recipes you can mix up this New Years’ Eve to wow all your friends (Even if you have no idea what you’re doing! Let RAYS do the work!). Let me know if you try any of these cocktails with RAYS! Post a photo on Instagram and tag me @DiscoveringATX so that I can share.

You can follow RAYS Spirits on Facebook and Instagram @RAYSSpirits and on Twitter @RAYS_Spirits.

Thanks again, RAYS Spirits, for letting me try out some of your tasty products!

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