Best Places to Find Matcha Desserts in Austin

This list took WORK. I Googled, searched Yelp, asked Instagram, then personally checked out ALL of these places for you in search of the best matcha desserts Austin has to offer! So, if you’re feeling like something sweet with an excellent matcha flavor, here’s a pretty good list to get you started.

Note: I specifically looked for matcha desserts – frozen treats, pastries, cakes… etc. I did not include any matcha lattes or matcha boba tea. Diving into matcha lattes could be a lifetime’s work on its own! And you guys already know my favorite boba tea is from ShareTea in North Austin.

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In no particular order, let’s dive in:

Asahi Imports – Matcha Soft Serve
6105 Burnet Road Austin, TX 78757
On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, you can get an incredible matcha soft serve from Asahi Imports for just a couple bucks. I was completely blown away by this little treat. The matcha flavoring is perfect and you can actually see the little bits of matcha powder in the soft serve. It also has that powdery mouth-feel that good matcha products have. You know what I’m talking about? Sure you do – you’re a matcha fan like me!

Snowy VillageMatcha Bingsu
6929 Airport Boulevard #135 Austin, TX 78752  //  1700 W Parmer Ln #244 Austin, TX 78727
Bingsu is such a fun little dessert. It’s a popular Korean shaved ice where the shaved ice bits are very fine and powdery – like snow! It’s light and fluffy and quickly dissolves in your mouth. Snowy Village has several bingsu toppings, including matcha! The shaved ice itself isn’t matcha flavored, but the top is powdered with it.


Bar Peached – Matcha Bingsu
1315 W 6th St Austin, TX 78703
Another place that serves matcha bingsu is Bar Peached (another restaurant by The Peached Tortilla). What makes this bingsu different from Snowy Village is that it’s topped with a scoop of peach ice cream. In the photo, it’s covered by whipped cream, but it’s there. I will say – Bar Peached bingsu had less matcha powder than Snow Village. But, if you’re in need of a matcha dessert with your happy hour drinks and tacos, this is a pretty good hit. Also, the vibe of the Bar Peached indoor and patio space is amazing. It’s a really cute, instagram-able spot.

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85°C – Matcha Baked Goods
11301 Lakeline Blvd, #140 Austin, TX 78717  //  6929 Airport Blvd, #197 Austin, TX 78752
This place was recommended to me many times when I was looking for matcha desserts, and I can see why! 85°C Bakery Cafe was founded with the philosophy
of 5-star quality baked goods at affordable prices. Today, 85°C has over 1,000 locations worldwide! I’ve visited both locations in Austin and had excellent experiences at each one. It’s set up so that you take a tray and some tongs with you while you walk through all the bakery displays, picking whichever desserts look interesting to you. I’m sure their items vary from day-to-day, but I snagged a matcha coco bun and a matcha red bean roll on my last visit.

Other great matcha baked goods can be found at:
Tous Les Jours
6808 N Lamar Blvd Suite B-115 Austin, TX 78752  //  11301 Lakeline Blvd Austin, TX 78717
99 Ranch Market
6929 Airport Blvd. Austin, TX 78752

Snomo – Matcha Snow Ice
11220 N. Lamar Blvd #B275 Austin, TX 78750  //  900 Ranch Road 620 S. #A109 Lakeway, TX 78734  //
11301 Lakeline Blvd Austin, TX 78717
I know this dessert looks simple but MY GOODNESS. The matcha snow ice from Snomo is seriously so delicious. It has a powerful matcha flavor which I loved. The Taiwanese snow ice desert is like little thin sheets of ice cream folded on top of one another. Pictured below is just plan matcha with condensed milk drizzled on top, but you can top it with all kinds of things ranging from fresh fruit to tapioca boba. I ordered a small and could have easily shared it.

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Bento Picnic – Matcha Flan and Gati Coconut Milk Matcha Ice Cream
2600 E Cesar Chavez St. Austin, Texas 78702
Bento Picnic is so cute! They serve a matcha flan made with Local Leaf Yaupon matcha. The flan was super creamy. I’d never been to Bento Picnic before, so I was happy to get to talk with chef and owner Leanne Valenti. She spoke very highly of the quality of the matcha that goes into the flan. Local Leaf’s Yaupon matcha is straight, 100% locally wild-harvested Yaupon leaves processed like traditional green tea matcha. Have you seen them at the Mueller farmer’s market? There’s no “green tea flavoring” in it at all. As is true with most high-quality things, you can expect to pay for it – almost $5 for a small square of flan. Quality over quantity though, right? If flan isn’t your thing, Bento Picnic serves Gati coconut milk matcha ice cream. This ice cream had a wonderfully powdery, matcha flavor. I loved it!

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The Squeezery – Matcha Gelato Bowl
612 Brazos St Austin, Texas 78701
The Squeezery is a super small, cute spot in downtown. On their menu is a matcha cashew vegan gelato bowl. It’s made with a housemade cashew milk base and Panatea matcha. I was expecting a smoothie bowl, but it came out more like gelato scoops. Best of all? It came in a coconut half! Can you say, Instagram-able? I do wish the matcha flavor was a little bit more pronounced, but it was still pretty tasty.

Cream Whiskers / UTea Pho – Matcha Cream Puff
2222 Rio Grande St # B120 Austin, TX 78705
Cream Whiskers is actually now a part of a larger restaurant called UTea Pho. They still serve the delicious cream puffs you know and love, though, so don’t worry! I tried their matcha cream puff and wow! It’s super good. I was expecting more of a whipped cream kind of flavor, but what I got was powdery, intense matcha. Perfect! Sidenote: I definitely mangled the cream puff when trying to photograph it. They’re way prettier when you first order them. They’re more fragile than you think!

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That’s it for now! Did I miss something? Please comment below. I definitely want to keep this list updated and growing. Other notables that I know of still need to try –

  • I’ve heard Soto in Cedar Park has a pretty good green tea tiramisu.
  • I’ve also heard Kome has a matcha parfait.
  • Looking at everyone’s Far East Fest photos, I think the matcha tres leches cake from Michelle’s Patisserie was a hit! It’s not available in single serving sizes though. You have to preorder a whole cake.

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