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You know how you wish you had your coffee shop? Your go-to place to socialize, read a book, drink coffee (or beer) and eat tasty treats? I think Cuvee Coffee could be that place. What I love most about this place is the vibe – it’s right in the east 6th neighborhood. I was there on a Saturday morning and there were tons of people walking from their apartments, with their dogs, up to the open-air coffee bar. They’ve definitely built a great sense of community at this location and it made me want to be a part of it!

This post is sponsored by Cuvee Coffee – thanks guys! However, all content and comments are my own.

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Cuvee Coffee is doing quite a few things in Austin. They have a roastery, a cold brewery, and a coffee bar. At the roastery, beans come from all over the world through a Direct Trade model, ensuring all growing partners are paid a fair wage. They roast beans from all over the world, 6 days a week, using the latest technology and techniques to make sure they are providing the highest level of craft and freshest roast possible.

The cold brewery is a pretty interesting feat. When you order their cold brew from the coffee bar, it comes from a tap. However, in order to get that same smooth, foamy pour on the go, Cuvee Coffee uses an aluminum widget can. The widget stores nitrogen which is then released when the can is opened. The release of nitrogen into the coffee creates that same smooth, foamy texture that you get from a tap – hence nitro brew! It’s pretty incredible technology and I honestly had no idea that’s how it worked. Cuvee has branched out from their original black coffee to hemp oil (10mg hemp oil added in) and horchata coffee (infused with vanilla and cinnamon for 80 calories).

In addition to coffee, Cuvee also has a bunch of Austin beers on tap. You could come in the morning for some Nitro cold brew and stay for the beers. Local brewers include Austin East Siders, Lake Austin Ales, Celis Brewery, Zilker Brewing Company, and more.

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The interior has a great, open warehouse feel. They have some awesome blue-toned murals on the wall (blue is definitely their signature color). When the weather is nice, the garage-style doors are opened and you can just walk right up to the coffee bar. The mixing of indoor-outdoor space is perfect for Texas patio weather.

I ordered a bunch of stuff! I obviously had to try their nitro cold brew. I’ll be honest – it’s a bit too strong for me. It tastes like really good, strong coffee, but I’m more of a latte drinker. My mom is much more of a strong coffee drinker and she loved the cold brew. Speaking of the lattes… I tried the chocolate latte and the seasonal honey lavender latte. Cuvee makes their own chocolate and caramel mixers (delicious) and you know when I see lavender I have to get it. The flavor was subtle and perfect – I hate when things are obviously flavored with fake lavender syrups. This had just the right amount of flavor and sweetness.

Don’t sleep on the pastries! They have pastries from a few different places (they don’t make their own). We ordered a danish snail from Easy Tiger and a s’mores brownie and cinnamon toast crunch cookie bar from Clever Baking Co. All three were good, but I was extremely impressed with the pastries from Clever Baking Co. They don’t have a storefront, but supply pastries to Epoch, Once Over Coffee Bar, Greater Goods, Austin Java and more. I’m not much of a s’mores person, but I would 100% order this brownie again. Absolutely delicious.

It’s amazing how Cuvee can be both on the cutting edge of brewing technology and maintain a warm, welcoming, communal feel. I wish I lived nearby. I would love to wake up on the weekend and walk over to Cuvee Coffee for my morning coffee and pastry. That’s the kind of place Cuvee is and the east 6th neighborhood is lucky to have them!

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Thanks for having me, Cuvee!

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Cuvee Coffee

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