Want to try something new? Check out Class Axe.

Talk about getting out of your comfort zone. I was invited by Class Axe (thank you!) to try my hand at AXE THROWING. While I was able to throw axes for free, all thoughts and opinions are my own and oh man, do I have thoughts.



Let me start off by saying the vibe at this place is super fun and relaxed. I was kind of nervous going in (throwing axes??), but the team at Class Axe immediately put me at ease. After I was greeted, I was told to make a name tag. The “Axe-perts” are all about puns, so I had to create a punny name. Discovering “AXE” TX. Clever, right?

The axe-perts are super helpful and walk everyone through the rules and safety precautions. They show you exactly how to throw the axe – how to put your feet, how to hold it, where to look… they cover everything! The axe-pert on the left here is showing me exactly how to throw it. Every group has their own axe-pert to guide them.

Either I’m an axe-throwing prodigy, or it’s really not that difficult. I fully expected to 1. not have my axes make it to the target, or 2. not have them stick in the wood. Honestly, though, there were just a few times when my axe bounced off. It’s not as hard as it looks! It’s also more about the full body movement and less about actual arm strength (of which I have none). Throughout the night, I probably hit 4-5 bullseyes. If you axe pierces the black around the bullseye, it counts.

Our axe-pert set up three different games for us to play in teams and one every-man-for-themselves sudden death. We threw axes for 2 straight hours and I didn’t even look at the time ONCE. It’s that engaging! The games are super engaging and move quickly.

Also, the photo ops from axe-throwing are so fun. It’s kind of Instagram gold. The number of silly boomerangs and slo-mo videos we got was crazy.


At the end of the night, you do one final sudden death to determine who the “Lumberlord” is. The Lumberlord gets a HUGE stamp on themselves (or can give the stamp to someone else. While Brian technically won the sudden death in our group, he let me take the stamp. Again, this just adds to the fun and silliness of the place.


Right now, Class Axe is BYOB. I know, axe-throwing and drinking sounds… dangerous. We had our fair share of drinks throughout the night and I can tell you, everyone was totally fine. We had beer from 4th Tap, which was awesome. Thanks for sponsoring our media night, 4th Tap!

On the drive home, Brian kept commenting on how fun it was! He gets dragged to a lot of these sorts of things, so I was really happy to see he enjoyed himself. We already listed out a bunch of our friends and family that we want to bring back with us. It’s $30 a guest and you have to reserve a time slot online.


Thank you so much, Class Axe, for inviting me out to your media night. It’s definitely not something I would have done on my own, but I’m SO glad I tried it!


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Class Axe

Author: Kelly

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