DuMont’s Down Low

Located in a basement below 4th Street, DuMont’s Down Low is a perfectly chill speakeasy. It’s not a place for wild parties, but a place where adults can go to relax, grab an after-work drink, and socialize in a calm, down-to-earth environment with top-notch drinks.


While I did receive complimentary drinks from Dumont’s, all honest opinions are my own.

The 150-year-old building is said to be haunted…  Between 1860 and 1912, Blanche Dumont and Sally Dagget were brothel operators in the area. It’s said one (or both?) of these ladies haunt the space of DuMont’s Down Low. The bartenders shared stories of chairs moving upstairs after closing, sightings of women standing in the corner, and lights flickering. The atmosphere of DuMont’s is dark, lit by candles and sconces, showing walls lined with whiskey barrels and exposed brick. It’s just spooky enough to make me believe the stories!

DuMont’s has some extremely knowledgeable bartenders. It’s obvious they enjoy experimenting with new cocktails and infusions. They are also happy to discuss their drinks, how they’re made, and the flavors that are in them. One thing that sets DuMont’s apart is a large drip thing (name pending…). Basically, it’s made for cold brew coffee, but while we were visiting the bartenders were using it to infuse bourbon with raspberry and lemon. The bourbon will drip through the contraption TWICE before it’s ready to be bottled up and served. They are also barreling whiskey with a few ingredients at the bar. Slowly rotating each barrel, the whiskey stays barreled for weeks at a time. This process creates the base of an incredibly smooth barrel-aged Old Fashioned. Finally, if you’re more of a clear alcohol drinking, they make an infused vodka drink called the “Blanche” (yes, named after madame Blanche DuMont).

Let’s talk drink deals. Their happy hour menu is INSANE considering the quality of the drinks. I’m being totally honest when I say, these were the highest quality drinks Brian and I have had in Austin. The barrel-aged Old Fashioned is $7 on happy hour. SEVEN DOLLARS. You could taste all the parts of the drink separately and when combined, it made for an excellent, smooth drink! The Blanche, as mentioned before, is beet, jalapeño, ginger, citrus-infused vodka, with a touch of ginger beer. The beets give it a beautiful bright red color. It’s a little spicy, a little sweet, and SO delicious. We also tried their Brown Derby. DuMont’s serves their Brown Derby with ice in a rocks glass, garnished with a grapefruit peel. This drink was the highlight of the evening. Again, you can taste the grapefruit, honey, and Ben Milam Rye.


DuMont’s has an out of control whiskey selection (65+) that ranges from Jim Bean to Pappy 12 Year. Other rare whiskeys include EH Taylor, Angles Envy Cask Strength, and Blanton’s. They also have some unique Japanese whiskey like Hakushu and Yamazaki. If you’re a whiskey head, this is definitely the place for you. You could work your way through their collection one smooth glass at a time.

Happy hour is Monday – Friday 4 – 7pm and Sunday 6pm – 2am. For the quality of ingredients and expertise of the bartenders, the deals are incredible:

  • $7 The Blanche
  • $7 Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned
  • $6 Paloma or Margarita
  • $5 Whiskey Sour
  • $5 Mule
  • $3 Miller Lites and Lonestars
  • $5 Glasses of house red and white wine


Overall, Brian and I were super impressed with DuMont’s. If you or someone you know really enjoys sophisticated drinking (at bargain prices!) take them to DuMont’s. It’s the perfect place to unwind from a hard day’s work in the company of educated bartenders making drinks they’re passionate about – and maybe a few ghosts.

Thanks again for inviting us, Dumont’s! We seriously loved your place.

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Author: Kelly

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