Yuyo: Peruvian Cuisine in East Austin

Yuyo recently celebrated its 2-year anniversary in east Austin! The restaurant is known for cebiches (ceviches), casual Peruvian street food, and its contemporary takes on Peruvian staples. They also have some pretty delicious cocktails crafted with Peruvian pisco.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Yuyo, I was able to attend and try all the party’s delicious drinks and small bites complimentary! 


The 2-year anniversary party had the patio space packed! It was so awesome to see the east Austin neighborhood really show up to celebrate one of its restaurants. I had to perch myself on one of the ledges at first because there weren’t any seats! I’m not complaining – I love to see restaurants doing well.

The party featured several of their snacks and appetizers. I was able to try the anticuchos (grilled beef heart and chicken skewers), the clásico cebiche, chifles (plantain chips), chocolo (grilled Andean corn), and costillas (pork ribs). The chifles were SO addictive. They’re a must-order at Yuyo. Otherwise, my favorites were the cebiche and the costillas. The pork rib meat fell off the bone as soon as I picked it up – that’s how tender they were!

I don’t think I’ve ever had piscos before, but it’s a liquor distilled from grapes. I was able to sample their pisco sour and it was delicious! Pro Tip: Pisco punch (frozen or on the rocks) is $7 on happy hour.

The party was a really fun time. All the people I interacted with were really great – party-goers and staff alike.  People invited me to sit at their table when they had extra seats, a wonderful stranger offered to hold things for me so I could get better photos, and the people running the event offered to get me drinks from the bar so I didn’t lose my seat! Because I was really feeling the community vibes, I ended up sharing my foodie haul and drinks with everyone at my table after my photos were done. It turned into an impromptu family-style meal and that was pretty cool.

The party also had complimentary piscos tastings. I thought that was a great idea since piscos isn’t a super familiar liquor to most.

While the patio was all party, the interior was still serving dinner as usual. Their specialties include pollo a la brasa (grilled chicken thighs), lomo saltado (beef tenderloin stir fry), chanchito (crispy pork), churrasco (grilled angus steak), and more! They also have a delicious sounding dessert menu.

The next time I visit Yuyo, though, will probably be to try their brunch! The menu sounds SO good: Andean corn cakes, sweet potato doughnuts, yuca cheese bread, a delicious sounding “Inca Bowl,” and more. I’ve definitely added Yuyo brunch to my “must-visit” shortlist!

After eating, drinking, and building community, I went to enjoy the band. The trombonist Felipe Brito was on the patio playing with a small band. They were wonderful and totally hammed it up for the camera. Thanks, guys!

If you haven’t been to Yuyo, I highly recommend it. Break away from your usual Manor Road hang-out and try something new! You won’t be disappointed. If you get a chance to try their brunch menu before I do, please let me know what you think of it!

Thanks again for having me, Yuyo!

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