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Everyone in Austin is suffering from allergies right about now. Cedar pollen is *literally* clouding the air. If it rains and washed the Cedar pollen away, you start to see a spike in mold spores because of the damp weather! It’s lose-lose around here for allergy sufferers. Luckily, one online company is here to help.

9X2A7886 offers personalized allergy relief at half the cost of name brand medicines. Your little box comes with allergist-curated meds that match your exact symptoms, recommended by a team of top allergy doctors. I pretty much have allergies year-round: grass in the summer months and cedar fever through the fall, winter, and spring. I figured… hey, why not give this a try?

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Trying to sift through all the allergy meds at the store gives me a major headache. What do I need, really? Aren’t they basically all the same? Or ARE they? Do I go most expensive, least expensive, or something in between? My allergies aren’t debilitating, I just need basic medicine. Why can’t someone just tell me what to take? (without me having to go to the doctor’s office and pay for pricey prescriptions).

All the more reason to try Curist’s online method, I thought. I started by going to and took their allergy symptom quiz. It asks you simple questions like to select all the symptoms that apply to you, whether or not you have a favorite antihistamine, and what time of year you experience symptoms. The best part is, I got to take the quiz from the privacy and comfort of my own home, on my own time.


After taking the quiz, Curist matched me with their “Allergy Trio.” It delivers comprehensive, doctor-curated relief to treat sneezing, congestion, and more allergy symptoms. There’s an antihistamine for non-drowsy, 24-hour baseline allergy defense blocking your body’s allergic reaction. You can choose from three different antihistamines, so I chose Allegra. I’ve taken Clarine before and it makes my head kind of foggy. I don’t know, I just feel off. I’ve also heard Zyrtec can make you sleepy (but is good for nighttime allergies!). I appreciate having a bit of flexibility to choose what’s right for me and my body, but not so many choices I’m overwhelmed. There’s also a nasal spray for targeted nose sinus pressure relief. Finally, the trio includes mucus relief to help with congestion and post-nasal drip.


I read about the meds I was paired with, according to Curist‘s allergy advisors, and I thought they fit pretty well. Each medicine was only $10-12 for a month’s supply (honestly, the nasal spray would probably last even longer than that) so in total, it was $36 for my “Allergy Trio” box. I was sold and checked out online. In just a few days, my box was delivered to my mailbox. Could it have been any easier?


I’ve been taking my trio for about 2 weeks now and I feel great! In hindsight, I probably could have gone with the “Cedar Fever” allergy kit for $19. My cough usually only shows up during summer months when grass allergies are at their peak. However, generic Allegra and generic Flonase have been wonderful. I still supplement with a Sudafed every now and then when I feel sinus headaches. You can get generic 12-hour Sudafed from your regular pharmacy for $5.


If you already know what kinds of allergy meds you like to use, you can just order the generics straight from Most of them are $10 for 30 pills (or less, in some cases). They offer generic Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra, Xyzal, Flonase, and Mucinex. They also have quick kits like the “Cedar Fever Allergy Kit” and the “Congestion Duo” in addition to the “Complete Allergy Trio.”


If you want to order from Curist – whether you know what you want or you want to take their personalized allergy symptom quiz – you can get 30% off your order with promo code “DiscoveringATX30”.


Thanks again, Curist, for sending me one of your “Complete Allergy Trio” boxes. 

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