Diving into “Fork & Spoon,” a new Austin Meal Prep Business

This week, I tried out some meals from a new Austin meal prep business called Fork & Spoon. Fork & Spoon is a way for you to get healthy, delicious meals delivered right to your door! Emily, the owner and chef, is a former teacher. She discovered her love for cooking and graciously shared that love with those around her. The only thing you need to enjoy her delicious meals is a fork or a spoon.

While I did receive complimentary food, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The menu changes each week, which is pretty fun and is definitely keeping me interested! I ordered one breakfast item, one lunch/dinner item, and one snack. Orders must be placed online by Thursdays at 11:59pm, then all deliveries (and pickups) are done on Sundays. Fork & Spoon offers delivery within a 15-mile radius from their kitchen in Northwest Austin at 10301 FM 2222. If you’re outside of their delivery range, no worries! You can pick up your ordered meals on Sunday. They are doing contactless delivery, which I really appreciate. They dropped the food at my doorstep and then messaged me once it was there. So easy!

This week’s breakfast menu included items like omelets, keto waffles, scrambled eggs and sausage, cinnamon apple waffles, and breakfast quesadillas. I chose the omelet. It was loaded with spinach, grape tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and feta cheese (on the side).  The omelet was delivered on Sunday and I ate it Tuesday morning. Even though I had it in my fridge for a few days, it held up really well! It’s a basic recipe, but I really enjoyed the addition of fresh basil and feta cheese. Those aren’t ingredients I usually have on hand in my house.

[1 serving 420 calories]

For lunch/dinner, I got to choose between coconut quinoa curry, honey garlic chicken, loaded sweet potatoes, poblano mac & cheese, chicken burrito bowls, and chopped BLT salads. I went with the loaded sweet potato. It has baked sweet potatoes and is topped with a delicious chili! It was a pretty large serving size and I ended up eating half for lunch on Tuesday and half on Wednesday. It probably would have kept even longer in the fridge, which was great. This meal was also very easy to reheat! I feel like when I pulled it out of the microwave it was just as tasty as when it was first cooked! Highly recommended.

[1 serving, 690 calories]

Snacks ranged from bite-sized energy bites to granola to roasted chickpeas. I absolutely love anything that has peanut butter and chocolate, so I of course ordered the chocolate chip peanut butter energy bites. These came in so handy during my 4-hour literacy coach training earlier this week. Gotta stay alert and focused during those Zoom calls!

[5 servings 150 calories per serving]

Overall, I really enjoyed my meals from Fork & Spoon! As for the packaging, I really liked the complete Nutritional Facts that were included on all the food items. There are little icons to call out what each product contains right on the top, in case you’re trying to avoid certain foods. There’s also serving size, calories, added sugar, complete ingredient list… everything you could possibly want to know is there!

One thing I will say is I kind wish the meals were in airtight containers. I was worried the delicious food wouldn’t keep! Luckily, I only had two meals, but if you plan on ordering more than that, think about transferring them to Tupperware when you get them.

Check out Fork & Spoon’s online menu to place some orders of your own! The menu changes up each week, so you’ll surely find something you’ll like.

Thanks again, Emily! 

Author: Kelly

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