Austin Eats Round-Up (ed. 24)

Welcome to another edition of Austin Eats Round-Up! Think of these posts as little glimpses into where I’m going and what I’m loving right now. And you know what? It’s all takeout. Lots and lots of takeout.

How are you guys feeling about patio dining? I’d love to know your thoughts. I’m still unsure about it. All of the features in this blog are either takeout, curbside pickups, or were delivered to my door. Maybe one of these days I’ll hit up a patio, but not yet. If you’re like me and are being super cautious, then I’ve got some solid recommendations for you! (Spoiler: Ed. 25 is all takeout/curbside/delivery as well 🙂 ).

Of course, I always wear a mask (I’ve gotten two compliments on mine so far!) and sanitize after every pickup. Shout out to Delysia for your awesome branded sanitizer that came with my chocolate sampler!

And with that, let’s get into it!
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Sweet Shack Candy Shop
1525 Cypress Creek Rd Suite G, Cedar Park, TX 78613
This is one of my new favorite spots, honestly. It’s like Big Top Candy Shop, but up North. I first discovered Sweet Shack Candy Shop when I was looking for Black-owned businesses in my neighborhood (Leander/Cedar Park). I went to their Instagram (@sweetshackcandyshop) and saw they were doing curbside pickups. Curbside CANDY pickups. That’s all I needed to hear. I went to their website and starting hitting “add to cart” like crazy. You can order candy by the 1/8, 1/4, or 1/2 pound. I think I did 1/8 pound of most of mine and it was usually less than $2 a candy. I also did a few add-ons, like individual truffles, caramels, and GooGoo Clusters, which are also just a dollar or two a piece. All in all, I got a bag full of candy for around $10. I ate out of that bag for a week and couldn’t have been happier. It’s SO FUN! If you’re looking for a treat but don’t want to spend a ton of money (or do – you do you, girl!), I highly recommend getting yourself a  bag of Sweet Shack Candy Shop goodies. I can’t wait until they’re fully open again and I can browse in person. Also, the owners are so kind. One of my mask compliments came from here 🙂

Whitestone Brewery
601 E Whitestone Blvd. #500, Cedar Park, TX 78613
Texas breweries are hurting right now. To support local, I went around the corner to my neighborhood spot, Whitestone Brewery, and picked up some beer-to-go. I love hefeweizens, but they were sold out online! I was so bummed. I just ordered whatever they had, since my main purpose was support, not actually getting a certain type of beer. I went with their American Blonde Ale, the “Long Gone Blonde,” and WOW was I pleasantly surprised. It was SO good! I was actually happy the hefeweizen was sold out because I wouldn’t have tried this beer otherwise! And now it’s a staple in my fridge 🙂


Siete Foods: Christmas in July
Most major supermarkets, including HEB and Whole Foods
Siete Foods knows that we could all use a little extra joy right now. They brought back their mini buñelos (usually only available during the holidays) and sent out “Holidays in July” care packages to a bunch of bloggers. Those cinnamon crisps are SO GOOD. They remind me of a thinner, healthier version of the Taco Bell cinnamon twists! Siete Foods will always have a place in my heart. I just think the work they’re doing around food sensitivities is incredible, all born out of needing to cook differently to accommodate a family member with an autoimmune disease. Everything they make is paleo, gluten-free, and grain-free. It’s a family-owned and operated Mexican-American food brand rooted right here in Austin and I’m always happy to promote them. If you want to know more, I encourage you to read their story online.

Sweet Ritual
4631 Airport Blvd suite 125, Austin, TX 78751
Curbside ice cream? I’m in! I’ve been making it a priority to visit all my favorite places to help make sure they’re still here when the pandemic is over. Sweet Ritual is one of those favorite places. They’re crafting and scooping up delicious vegan ice cream. Years ago, when Sweet Ritual was just a little counter inside the Hyde Park Juiceland, I used to get a cup of Death Metal by Chocolate before my night classes. Then, they had a tiny storefront on Airport. Now, they’re still at that same spot on Airport, but they’ve renovated it and it’s SO much bigger! They’re doing awesome things in the community as well through their Vegan Ice Cream School. Sweet Ritual is also included in my “Top Places to get Ice Cream in Austin” blog for the #ATXBestEats City Guide.


Muro’s Pizza
6301 W Parmer Ln Suite 502, Austin, TX 78729
Sometimes, you want a pizza spread. You know what I mean – you want the works. You want pizza PLUS salad PLUS garlic knots PLUS dessert. It’s just one of those nights. Muro’s has you covered. Muro’s is serving up some delicious New York style pizza. The crust is perfect – Thick and crisp around the edges, yet thin and foldable in the middle. You can enjoy Muro’s specialty pizza by the pie or by the slice. I ordered a medium (yep, this is a MEDIUM pizza) Bleecker Street, which comes with double pepperoni (my favorite), Italian sausage, Genoa salami, and freshly minced garlic. Since I wanted the whole spread, obviously, I also ordered a small Caesar salad, some garlic knots, and a slice of cheesecake. The “slice” of cheesecake is more like “a quarter of a cheesecake” and is easily shared by two people.

Cold Cookie Company Food Truck
6812 Ranch Road 620 N, Austin TX, 78732 // 2512 Rio Grande Street, Austin TX, 78705
How long has it been since you chased down an ice cream truck? Well, I did that last week. Cold Cookie Co. is sending out their adorable little trucks to neighborhoods all over the Austin area. You can request they come to your neighborhood on their Facebook page. Then check their Facebook or Instagram for where they’re going next, and cross your fingers it’s YOUR neighborhood! They just improved their website and you can track the trucks now too, so you know exactly when they’ll be at which location. I have to say, this was certainly an uplifting moment during these boring COVID times. I hope these little trucks are here to stay even after the pandemic.


That completes another Austin Eats Round-Up! I’ve got some more takeout goodness for you in the 23rd edition, and more to come in the 25th edition (which I’ve already started working on)! Other suggestions include…

  • Dining in (on their new, CUTE, socially distant patio) at Taquero Mucho
  • Grabbing brunch to-go (or patio dine) at Gabriela’s Downtown
  • Picking up curbside coffee from the awesome Mi Mundo Coffee House & Roastery in Round Rock
  • Cooking at home more? Get your produce from the Texas Farmers Markets at Lakeline and Mueller. They’ve gone above and beyond with social distancing and safety measures – even by my standards!

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