Austin Eats Round-Up (ed. 25)

Welcome to another edition of Austin Eats Round-Up! Think of these posts as little glimpses into where I’m going and what I’m loving right now. My last round-up was at the end of July. July was a super tough month for me. I was heading “back to school” (whatever that meant) and my anxiety around COVID was still pretty high.

Since then, so much has changed. My school successfully started 100% virtual instruction for the entire first quarter of the school year. We did it. It wasn’t perfect, but it happened and it worked. With my work schedule shifting into predictable 7am – 5pm zoom calls, I was able to start photographing a bit more food, which was awesome. I finally felt like I had the brain space to think about something other than school and trying to keep myself safe.

Now, we’re back in that unpredictable, anxious stage. My school started in-person instruction last week. We have about 30% of our student body on campus and you know what – so far so good. Yes, it’s only been one week, but I feel like it went way better than expected. Also, now that I don’t have a choice but to be out and about among people, I’m feeling more open to eating outside at restaurants. Eating inside still kind of freaks me out, but I feel ok with eating outside, socially distant from other groups.

This round up is mostly still from the summer, so it’s a lot of take out, curbside, and delivery. Also, I went to a lot of small business that operate out of peoples’ homes! Quarantine has brought out the small business entrepreneur in a lot of people and I am here to support it! Because of that, there aren’t many addresses listed for physical storefronts. If you visit the business’s social media or webpage, they have clear instructions on how to order.

And with that, let’s get into it!
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Manor, Texas
You+Brie is a small business that makes the most adorable little charcuterie boxes! Kira started her business with the help of the stimulus checks we all received earlier this year and it has already grown so much since I visited back in July! You+Brie offers charcuterie boxes that range in size to serve individuals (pictured below) all the way up to small intimate gatherings. She has even branched out to offering picnics! You can choose the style you want, the charcuterie box you want, and it’s all set up for you at a park/backyard of your choosing! So cute!! I chose to pair my individual charcuterie box with some Infinite Monkey Theorem wine. IMT is my absolute FAVORITE winery here in Austin and they’ve been hit super hard by the pandemic. They’re closed for now, but you can still make purchases online! Basically, I had the best date ever with myself, my little charcuterie box, and canned wine. If you have a small gathering coming up, or just want to treat yourself, I highly recommend ordering a You+Brie box! 

Jeany’s Elixir
Barton Creek Farmers’ Market on Saturdays and Mueller on Sundays
I found Jeany’s Elixir while scrolling Instagram one day. No joke. I saw these delicious, cold-pressed juices, packed with ginger, and knew they were right up my alley. You can find Jeany’s Elixir online, at the Barton Creek and Mueller farmers’ markets, OR you can have the juices delivered to your doorstep through the Vinder app. That’s what I did and it’s awesome! The 8oz bottles are $5 a piece (that’s a complete STEAL) or you can get the sample pack for $20, which includes 8oz bottles of all 6 flavors. That’s what I did. You can also purchase the juices sweetened or unsweetened. I went unsweetened and it was perfect for me. I really don’t like sweet drinks. The juice is such high quality, that I found myself cutting it with water sometimes. If you like that healing heat of ginger, the feeling of HEALTH entering your body, then you’re going to love these juices. This is the good stuff right here.

BOM Bakeshop
Austin, Texas
BOM Bakeshop is another cottage bakeshop that I absolutely love! They make mochi donuts and so far, they’re the only place in Austin that I know of that do so! BOM Bakeshop’s mochi donuts are made from 100% sweet rice flour (making them naturally gluten-free). The rice flour gives them that dense, chewy texture that I love so much! They’re also experimenting with a bunch of other fun gluten-free recipes. Do yourself a favor and follow @BOMBakeshop on instagram. The husband and wife team post what they’ve got to sell in their stories – DM them to grab it! Mochi donuts often sell out for weeks at a time, so place your orders now. Your future self will thank you 🙂 

Dough Boys
The Arbor Food Truck Park: 1108 East 12th Street, Austin, TX 78702
I was invited to try the new Dough Boys food truck at the Arbor Food truck park this summer. Behind their truck is an 800lb Italian wood-burning oven where they cook their 12-inch pizzas. These little personal pizzas come out perfectly cooked every time. I tried the Green-Go: Garlic cream, smoked mozzarella & provolone blend, spicy pork sausage, roasted onions, broccolini, topped with their secret green sauce. The whole vibe over at Dough Boys is super fun, super relaxed. They have lots of picnic tables set up at the Arbor Food Truck Park. It’s the perfect spot to safely dine out right now!

1319 Rosewood Ave, Austin, TX 78702
I cannot believe it took me THIS LONG to visit Discada. They’re a food truck that only serves Discada style tacos – a 24-hour marinade of beef, pork, bell peppers and onions slowly cooked for 6 hours in a tractor plow disc. Then, they’re topped with onion, cilantro, pineapple and served with a side of salsa & lime. These little street tacos are 2-3 bites each. I went with the order of 5 for $9 and that was the perfect amount for me! They also offer elote (which I totally FORGOT to get last time I was there). Their elote is yellow corn shucked fresh off the cob mixed with tajin, mayo, and topped with queso fresco, served w/ a lime wedge, and garnished with cilantro. When you pick up your order from their truck, they’re using a curb-to-car app that lets them know when you’ve arrived. Then, they run your order right out to your car. EDIT – As I was writing this, I influenced myself to order some Discada for dinner tonight, BUT they’re already sold out! These tacos are good and people know it! Plan ahead to make sure you get your order in!

Andy K’s Donuts
Austin, Texas
During the summer, the days started to drag on. I was doing the same thing every day – sleeping in, walking the dog, stressing about school restarting, and not leaving the house. I really looked forward to anything that made my day special and unique. One Saturday, I ordered some Andy K’s Donuts to be delivered to the house. What an absolutely wonderful little treat. They make a mixture of yeast donuts, cake donuts, and fritters. I went with the sample pack and was not disappointed. Follow them on instagram @andyksdonuts to see their newest menu! If you’re out and about, Andy K’s Donuts can be found at The Meteor Cafe, Flitch Coffee, and Flat Track Coffee. They also do pick up from two different spots on Saturdays and Sundays, along with delivery. I’m out of their delivery range, but was able to pay and extra $5 for them to come to me! I’m not sure if that’s how it is all the time, especially as they get busier and busier, but it’s worth asking if you’re out of delivery range. 

That completes another Austin Eats Round-Up!

As I start to get out to more patio dining, please tell me – what have I missed? What new restaurant patios are out there that I must try? I’ve seen like, a whole new area on South Congress has opened up?? I’m so out of the loop… Fill me in!

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