Mozart’s Coffee Christmas Lights (COVID cautious edition)

I’m usually not one to partake in Christmas festivities before Thanksgiving, but, we could all use a little more joy in our lives. So when I got an invite to the opening night of Mozart’s Covid Cautious Christmas Lights Show, I couldn’t turn it down!

While I did receive complimentary tickets and holiday treats, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

There’s no question about it – Mozart’s Coffee has a premium lakeside location. They have a massive outdoor patio with lots of space! Free parking is plentiful right across the street at Oyster’s Landing. Day or night, Mozart’s Coffee is the ultimate place to chill with a coffee and a delicious baked good. The light show began 11 years ago and has become a staple of many Austinites’ holiday traditions!

Because this year’s event is “COVID cautious,” you must reserve tables and viewing time slots ahead of time. Luckily, the price is low – tables that accommodate up to four people are only $10 to reserve. Many are standing only, but there are plenty of seated tables as well. If you prefer a seated table, make sure to pay attention when making your seating selection online.

No show is complete without treats! When you purchase your tickets online, you can also pre-order food. The online food pre-order closes 72 hours before your event begins, but if you missed the window for pre-order to your table, you can purchase from a menu that will be at your table as well. Pre-ordering food will limit the amount of contact you have with Mozart’s servers if that’s something you’re concerned about.

We tried a bunch of different treats! I ordered a Cocoa Bomb Blossom to-go, which I cannot wait to try! At our table, we enjoyed hot cocoa, bread pudding, peanut butter bars (my favorite), and the ultimate Christmas time light show dessert – the Campfire Mug Sundae. It has 1/2 of a brownie, 1 chocolate chip cookie, and 2 scoops of ice cream.

You’re asked to arrive 20 minutes before your show is scheduled to start. When you check-in, you’ll get a wristband that corresponds to your hour. When it’s time for your show, the tower will glow in the color that matches your wristband. Your reservation is good for one hour – the first show starts at 6 pm and the last show is at 11 pm. Their website makes it a little tricky to see what’s available and what’s not. You have to click into each hour each day. If all the tables are grey, that means none are available for that night. Another booking tip – Tables D23 and D24 are located behind some stairs and planters. You really can’t see from those tables.

If you’re looking for a chill evening – holiday vibes, some lights, some music, and hot cocoa, then the Mozart’s light show is perfect for you. It’s honestly less of a “show” and more of a general ambiance. Yes, the lights move to music, but it’s not a big, announced production. People are still talking, walking around, and enjoying one another’s company while the light display is happening. So if you’re wanting your socks blown off with a Disneyland-type show… this probably won’t do it. That’s not a comment on the quality – it’s a wonderful setup! I just want to make sure it’s clear what to expect when you visit. If you’re looking for a festive atmosphere in which to soak up some holiday lights, music, and treats, then you’ll love it.

The last comment that feels important for me to make is about the show being “COVID Cautious.” Tables are spaced six feet apart, but I don’t think this means all people are technically six feet apart at all times. I have to be honest – the crowd was borderline for me. It’s outdoors, which made me feel better, but there definitely are a lot of people on their patio. Everyone I saw was wearing their mask when they got up from their tables (which is a requirement) but lots of people are moving around, taking photos, and eating with masks off at their table. I’m sure it’s fine (and all Austin COVID regulations are certainly being followed), but I just wanted to put that out there.

Want to reserve a table to kickstart your holiday celebrations? You can purchase tickets online here! They also have a great FAQ document that was just released. Hopefully, that will help to answer any question you might still have.

Want to know more? You can always DM me on Instagram at @DiscoveringATX or comment below!

Thank you again, Mozart’s Coffee, for inviting me to your media preview! 

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