Domo Alley-Gato Tatsu-Ya

It was closed for a while, but Domo Alley-Gato Tatsu-Ya is OPEN again!

The outdoor patio is located right next to the east 6th Ramen Tatsu-ya. It is all outdoors, but honestly, with all the misters and shade, it was totally manageable. As you walk in, you’re greeted with a giant lucky cat, in addition to many, many smaller ones. The patio space is small and intimate, modeled after what you’d see in Japanese alleyway bars.

Drinks include beer, fun cocktails, and sake. I ordered the Kirin Ichiban Lager with frozen foam cap and loved it. Brian got the Kintsugi Sour (bourbon, barley Sochi, citrus, honey, ginger, and Szechuan) and was also super impressed.

The food menu is small (perfect for light bites alongside your drinks). The Karē Ban Ban Dog and Karaage (Japanese-style chicken) were both were wonderful.

Overall: Don’t be afraid of the heat if you visit! Just say, “thank you” to the misters. If you’re hungry and need a full on meal, go to Ramen Tatsu-ya next door first, then head over for drinks. Otherwise, enjoy the chill atmosphere and excellent sake, beer, and cocktails!

Author: Kelly

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