FEZ: A new Mediterranean food truck in Cedar Park

The Good Lot in Cedar Park is such a great spot to hang out, eat, and drink. It has plenty of space for the well-behaved dogs and a play place for the kiddos. The main structure has a bar and a large covered patio space that has fans in the summer and heaters in the winter. The turf lawn has tons of seating, fire pits, and twinkly lights galore. It’s seriously the perfect chill spot in Cedar Park.

The last time I visited, I specifically went to check out the newest Good Lot food truck – FEZ. FEZ’s menu offers a delicious taste of the Mediterranean. Once I looked at the menu, I decided to pretty much try it all.

For entrees, we tried the chicken skewers, lamb and beef skewers, and chicken wings. The chicken wings were our favorite! Followed by the chicken skewers. Dunk them in the yogurt sauce and you really can’t go wrong.

For sides, we went with the beet hummus and the Good Potatoes. The potatoes were so GOOD!! Fried potatoes topped with feta, summac, yogurt sauce, and herbs. Absolutely delicious!

From their website…“Owners Mario Fortuna and Alexandra Lee met and worked in New York for several years before moving to Austin to settle down and open something on their own. With their background in fine dining as chef and sous chefs of iconic restaurants in NYC such as Majorelle, New York Times 3-star La Grenouille and Michelin Star Caviar Russe, it is not surprising they would create a unique menu full of unexpected flavors.” 

How awesome is it to have such talent cooking up delicious meals so accessibly in Cedar Park?? Happy to have you, @fez.atx!

Author: Kelly

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  1. Ordered the lamb wrap.
    I am definitely eating there again!!!
    Would very much recommend.

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