Animación at Ciclo in the Four Seasons Austin

Animación by TableMation Studios™ is coming to Ciclo at the Four Seasons starting February 2nd! I was so lucky to be able to experience this truly one-of-a-kind dinner and a show. It’s an incredible mix of food and technology, paired with exceptional service.

While I did receive complementary tickets and wine pairings, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

After sipping your complementary welcome cocktail, you’re ushered into an intimate dinning room. Once you’re seated, the animation plays directly on your table, projected from spotlights in the ceiling. The projections caused the yellow lines in the photos… sorry about that. It could not be avoided! The animation has silly, but entertaining, middle school type humor (pasta monsters and pants catching on fire kind of stuff) and took a team of artists more than 50,000 hours to create. I know I was so excited every time the lights dimmed for another segment of the story!

In contrast to the silliness of the animation, the 4-course meal is exceptionally elegant. Each course, curated by Ciclo Restaurant, has been cleverly crafted to coincide with the program’s storyline to create a fully immersive experience. I’m talking tuna tartare, citrus-marinated sea bass, the best steak I’ve ever had, ravioli with black truffle, and more. You won’t leave hungry or unsatisfied, that’s for sure.

Also contributing to an A+ experience is the service. The service is second to none – plate delivery that is perfectly timed with the animation, quick to refill glasses before they’re even empty, and an extremely knowledgeable sommelier. Overall, the staff is incredibly welcoming, attentive, and ready to answer any and all questions.

The experience lasted about 2 hours, from welcome cocktail to clearing dessert, and it went by in a flash! We had so much fun – can’t say enough good things.

Cost: $198 per person, with the option to ad a $95 wine pairing. Reservations are already booked up for February, so if you’re interested, you better get moving!

Author: Kelly

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