Sign Bar Austin

The hype around Sign Bar is real and I must say, it’s it certainly IS worth a visit. I went for the first time last weekend and was immediately overwhelmed by the number of awesome signs. You really have to take few moments to just walk around and soak it all in as you murmur, “Oh yeah, I remember that place!” to yourself.

My first question was… “Where did all these signs come from?” Here’s what their website has to say – 

“What started as a passion project of collecting deserted yet legendary bar and restaurant signs evolved into a desire to preserve the history of an Austin forgotten. In collaboration with local artists, sign makers, interior designers and fabricators, we created a concept not only unique to Austin and Texas, but the country as a whole which memorializes our beautifully weird city’s foundational roots.”

After you wander around and snap your instagram selfies, grab a drink at the bar and a snack from one of their food trucks. I had a panini from @ipaniniatx and it was freaking delicious. They bake their panini bread LIVE and from scratch.

While most of the seating is outdoors, they have lots of shade and a small bar area inside (that’s where we sat).

There’s also a pretty good sized parking lot! Another plus. Overall, excellent spot, and I know I’ll be back for sure.

Author: Kelly

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