Dosa Shack: A South Indian Food Truck

For almost a year now, Dosa Shack has been cooking up incredible South Indian food in their food truck at 5000 Burnet. When you think of Indian food, you probably think of chicken tiki masala, naan, and butter chicken, but there is SO much more. Dosa Shack is using a team of chefs to create a creative South Indian menu that’s crafted 99% from scratch.

Core to their menu is dosa – a kind of thin crepe made with fermented rice and lentil batter (which means it’s gluten free). As you may notice, it’s PINK! Pink dosa is not how it’s traditionally made. Dosa Shack used the recipes of their mothers and grandmothers for the base and experimented from there. To honor that, the batter is pink (using beets, of course) as a tribute to all the mothers that had a hand in it! 

If you’ve never been to Dosa Shack, I highly recommend it. It’s honestly a restaurant on wheels with a creative, quality menu.

Author: Kelly

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