Teaspoon Boba Tea

I went to Teaspoon the other day and let me tell you – it was a blast! I met one of the owners, Henry, and he was so kind. He told me all about Teaspoon Austin, how he’d worked in wealth management and decided, after 18 years, he was done with corporate. Henry and his friend and co-owner Ben took on opening a boba spot and BAM, the first Teaspoon in Texas is born.

My favorite thing about Teaspoon is the quality of their ingredients. No powders or flavored syrups over here. I’m talking guava puree in the Guava Sunset, passion fruit juice complete with deliciously crunchy passion fruit seeds in the Lady Bug, and REAL strawberry chunks in the Strawberry Matcha Royale. 

And the boba. The BOBA! It’s made every 2-3 hours. This ensures it’s always the perfect amount of chewiness. If you’re a boba tea fan and you HAVEN’T tried Teaspoon… what are you waiting for?

Author: Kelly

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