Watertrade: An Elevated Cocktail Experience

Watertrade is the intimate Japanese-style cocktail bar attached to Otoko, the omakase restaurant.

If the omakase experience is a bit too rich for your blood (it was for us!) you can still soak up the cool vibes of Watertrade by making a bar only reservation. This means you get access to their epic cocktail menu, bar bites, and their exclusive-feeling bar area.

The drinks were certainly unique. We tried 4 different drinks and they all had such interesting flavors. They were very complex, using ingredients like sesame oil or waygu fat rinsed rum. Honestly? I don’t think our pallets were quite up to the flavors. We didn’t really like any of them… I want to like Watertrade so much! The vibes are 10/10, but the drinks just weren’t it for us. I know Watertrade is popular, so tell me – what did you order when you visited? I have to know!

I would go back one more time just to try some more drinks. Their cocktail menu is extensive, so there’s lots to choose from. It’s based on the sekki (the 24 micro-seasons that are used for agricultural purposes in Japan).

As far as bar bites go, the ocean trout crudo was exceptional. Here is a screenshot of their small bites menu from February, 2023. I’m sure they’ve changed it since then, but it’ll at least give you an idea of the types of things offered and the price range.

Have you been to Watertrade? If so, let me know about your omokase experience or what your favorite cocktail was!

Author: Kelly

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