Kessho Craft Chocolate

Craft chocolate creators Liang Wang and Mark Huetsch are weaving together their favorite Asian flavors with bean-to-bar chocolate to create some incredible desserts at their food truck, Kessho – Right here in Austin at the South First Food Truck Court!

The chocolate that is used for their ice cream, pastries, and chocolate bars all comes from single-origin cacao beans. It’s used to create incredible, unique chocolate bar flavors, like “Hojicha” “Lamb Skewer,” and “Black Sesame.” Their Dark Milk Chocolate and Yuzu bars have won international chocolate awards!

At the truck, you can enjoy scoops of ice cream, fresh baked pastries, or full-sized chocolate bars. I highly recommend the chocolate pecan brownie and the Hojicha ice cream.

Fun fact: Did you know the cacao bean actually comes in a variety of beautiful colors? I had no idea! It actually matches the colors of their truck.

Author: Kelly

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