Crystal Cave

Our last stop for the day in Sequoia National Park was Crystal Cave. I’ve been to Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio and Carlsbad Caverns, but neither caves had the water element to the extent Crystal Cave did. This cave is located in the southern end of Sequoia National Park. Again, it far exceeded my … More Crystal Cave

Hume Lake

I was probably the only kids growing up in Bakersfield that didn’t go to some kind of summer camp at Hume Lake, so I felt a sort of vindication when we arrived. While the summer season hasn’t quite started up there yet, the lake was still beautiful and much calmer and quieter than it will … More Hume Lake

Sequoia National Park

Less words, more photos. Basically, Brian and I hiked through Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks. It was a pretty incredible trip. I had an idea of all things were were going to be seeing, but everything ended up exceeding my expectations tremendously. First up, we stopped several times after entering the park. We just pulled over … More Sequoia National Park