Sprinkles Cupcakes

I could go on and on about the Domain NORTHSIDE. There is SO MUCH going on in that area, it’s overwhelming. I honestly visit a new restaurant there every week, and I’m still barely covering the new development. Sprinkles finally opened, complete with cupcake ATM! I already made good use of Hey Cupcake’s ATM in … More Sprinkles Cupcakes

South Austin

With my wonderful Christmas Break free time, my brother and I went exploring South Ausin. Our fist stop was South Lamar for lunch. Obviously, we chose Ramen Tatsu-Ya. This was the first time I’d been to this location, and I have to say, the line moved WAY slower than at their north location. However, it … More South Austin

Quack’s Bakery

I visited Quack’s Bakery for the first time during my #ATXIceCreamCrawl with Ryan. I’d heard of it through various social media outlets, but had never made the time to visit until just a few weeks ago. Let me tell you – I wish I had gone sooner. Quack’s is located at 43rd and Duval, in … More Quack’s Bakery